Smart Transportation

Convenient and safe transportation system made with IT technology

Smart Transportation creates an advanced transportation system.
Various transportation means including bus, subway, taxi, railway, and aviation are essential for our daily lives, but they can cause chaos at the same time if managed and operated poorly. Smart Transportation maximizes the efficiency of transportation operation and materializes convenient and safe transportation system.

It gives convenience to users and efficiency to operators.
Smart Transportation optimizes traffic flows by applying smart technologies such as smart card, automated terminal, center solution, etc. It alleviates management burden on operators and provides improved transportation services to users. AFC (automated fare collection), FMS (fleet management system), etc. are essential solutions to both users and operators.

Technological competitiveness of LG CNS's Smart Transportation is recognized globally.
LG CNS provides total services for all areas of public transit, including roadway, railway, and airport based on the world best technology. With its success cases including Seoul transportation card system and high-speed railway integration system, its technological competitiveness is recognized in the overseas transportation businesses including Bogota, Colombia, Athens, Greece, Wellington, New Zealand, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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40 million payments

The number of payments per day
made in Seoul through transportation cards

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Utilization rate
of transportation cards in Seoul

Core Competency
  • LG CNS has established and operated transportation card system for more than 10 years in international cities including Bogota, Athens, etc. since the establishment of the transportation card system for Seoul in 2004.
  • LG CNS possesses solution and system implementation capability in all transportation areas including roadway, railway, aviation, etc.
Service Offerings
  • Roadway
    Comprehensive transportation management system such as Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), Fleet Management System (FMS), Traffic Management System (TMS), etc.

  • Railway
    Integrated Information System for railway, Automatic Fare Collection for railway (AFC), Platform Screen Door (PSD), etc.

  • Aviation
    Air Traffic Control (ATC)
Service Offerings
Business Achievements
New transportation card system - Seoul, Korea
Transportation fare can be paid with one transportation card through AFC system, which covers bus, subway, and taxi. More than 40 million transactions are made per day using 15,000 terminals installed in buses, 150,000 terminals in taxis, and 9,000 terminals in subway gates.

Transportation card system – Bogota, Colombia
AFC system is established and applied to more than 10,000 buses and bus rapid transit (BRT) system, improving user convenience and efficiency of bus operation dramatically and raising utilization rate of public transportation.

Fleet Management System (FMS) – Bogota, Colombia
The location of more than 10,000 buses can be monitored and managed in real time through FMS, which helps buses operate in time according to their timetable and supports the optimization of bus routes.

Fleet Management System (FMS) – Incheon, Korea and Seoul, Korea
FMS driver consoles are installed in 2,929 buses, and 515 information panels for passengers are installed as well, and as a result, the efficiency of bus operation has been improved and user convenience has also been increased through real-time monitoring of bus operation data.

Traffic Management System (TMS) – Seoul, Korea
Through the installation of VDS (Vehicle Detection System), CCTV, and VMS (Variable Message Sign), and the establishment of IT Infrastructure/Control Center, traffic congestion and air pollution have been reduced.

TOPIS – Seoul, Korea
The company established the system for responding to incidents such as accidents and natural disasters through the integrated monitoring of various data such as public transportation info, traffic info, accident info, statistical data on expressway, etc.

Communication system for Korea Train eXpress (KTX), Seoul Metro, and others – Korea
The company established communication systems for KTX and Seoul Metro, such as transmission facility, wireless communication system, train station facility, visual surveillance equipment, etc. (Integrated information system for expressway communication network, communication network for Sinbundang Subway Line)

MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Line 1 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The company is in the process of establishing the whole telecommunication system, including transmission facility, wireless communication system, train station facility, visual surveillance equipment in MRT Line 1 (15 km, 31 stations).

Monorail PSD - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The company installed half-height PSD and established its operating system in 11 stations, improving the safety of passengers and ensuring optimal integration with the existing system.
New transportation card system - Seoul, Korea Fleet Management System (FMS) – Bogota, Colombia