Factova, Smart Factory Platform


LG Smart Factory

LG's Smart Factory will combine data integration and digital technology for the entire value chains (from product planning/design stage to suppliers' parts supply, production, logistics, environment, safety and energy) to build an autonomous factory that can maximize productivity in terms of quality, cost, and delivery.


LG Smart Factory Platform Factova

LG Group needed a smart factory with an integrated, standardized platform to accelerate the manufacturing innovation of its affiliates. So the LG created the FACTOVA, an LG Smart Factory platform, by using its expertise, proven in the manufacturing industry for the past 20 years, in combination with affiliates' technology and digital technology.

FACTOVA is a compound word that combines the meaning of "factory" and "value." It is meant to give a new value to the manufacturing industry.

FACTOVA provides an optimized Smart Factory environment that is created by the synergy of LG Group's affiliates: the ICBMA technology of LG CNS, the equipment and process design capability of LG Electronics Materials & Production Technology Institute and the communication infrastructure of LGU+.

Structure and application technology of FACTOVA
  • FACTOVA has three main areas. It consists of a data collection/control area that collects and controls data, an information area that enables scheduling and execution of collected data, and an intelligence area that performs judgment. These three areas are called the data layers. FACTOVA is a solution that is achieved by vertical integration of these data layers and horizontal integration of value chains.

  • FACTOVA is multiplying the performance of the platform by blending it with LG CNS' latest digital technology in different areas. In the data collection/control area, the industrial IOT part is based on INFioT, the information area consists of LG Smart Factory solutions such as "MES" and "FDC" and Best Practices, and the intelligence area is formed by a DAP, an AI big data platform. All these areas are provided by LG CNS' Private Cloud called EnCloud.
Factova feature
  • Securing use cases quickly
    Easy to provide intelligence by using standardized API
    Easy to integrate data, making big data analysis easier

  • Fast distribution of best practices
    Advantageous in distributing secured best practices thanks to its modular structure
    Possible to rapidly improve the overall level of affiliates

  • Reduced costs of construction and operation
    Low-cost/short-term construction is possible by applying standardized modules
    Changing the cost structure of IT resources from "ownership" to "use"
Type of Solutions