Smart Building

Remote condition monitoring for smart buildings, such as energy efficiency solutions and building facility management

Ready-Made Solution
Our industry-proven solutions and products combine to offer a one-stop solution for customers – from BMS to integrated monitoring to customized monitoring services.

Computerized SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) Scenario
Delivered by our scenario library combined with fire, security, video and FMS, we can handle the fusing of various scenarios upon the request of customers.

Market-proven, user HMI graphic engine
Easy to customize and to rapidly respond to changes using SDK open sources. Extensive application experiences, such as Korea Power Exchange(KPX), U+Yongsan Office.

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reduction of LCC (Life Cycle Cost)
for building construction and operations

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More than 20

protocol interfaces

Core Competency
  • Operations : the fusing of discrete operations and a centralized monitoring system considering physical limitations
  • Cost-effectiveness : business-/tenant-focused services such as system distribution and external services according to tenant’s business models
  • Energy, efficiency : energy analysis and rationalization and efficiency of input energy according to the increase of tall building constructions
Service Offerings
  • Smart Energy Efficiency Solution for Building
  • Remote Monitoring & Management System
  • Building Services : BMS / FMS / BEMS / Security / Signage
  • Integrated Services : RMMS / DSM / IBMS
  • Vertical Services : Hotel Guestroom / Data Center
스마트 빌딩 제공 서비스
  • IBS (Busan International Finance Center)
    Structured cabling, LAN, Exchanger, CATV, broadcasting equipment, access control/CCTV, building announcement, parking monitoring and guide, power control, lighting control, remote meter reading, mobile communications equipment, integrated SI/FMS/monitoring system, water leakage detection, automatic facility control, etc.
  • Chuncheon NHN Knowledge and Information Campus IBS
    Services: integrated monitoring, CATV, structured cabling, housekeeping, AV, integrated SI/FMS/BEMS, automatic power/lighting control, access control, etc.
1.IBS - Busan International Finance Center 2.Chuncheon NHN Knowledge and Information Campus IBS
  • Phase 1 of government building project in administrative city
    Structured cabling, intelligent cabling, CATV, public address, building announcement, LAN, integrated security, grounding, intercom, etc.
  • IHS for Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul
    Housekeeping, AV, public address, exchanger, CATV, Pay TV, CCTV, Visual display, parking monitoring, integrated SI&smp;FMS, LAN, power control, lighting control, etc.
3.Phase 1 of government building project in administrative city 4.IHS for Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul
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