New Renewable Energy

A technical system that converts sunlight into electric energy, usable rated power

LG CNS offers professional land surveying services to help customers discover the best site for a PV (photovoltaic) power plant.
Selecting a proper site for a PV system is vital for its long-term efficiency that depends on the amount of available sunlight. So, how well you use the meteorological data and surrounding environment is highly important. LG CNS has years-long history of land surveying and simulation program development that predicts expected power generation, helping customers discover a proper site.

We deliver optimized solar light system design solutions.
By reviewing the efficiency of a solar battery and inverter needed for the best PV system, we enable customers to use high-efficiency equipment and materials whose power loss are calculated from system to its power grid. Our remote control monitoring system for convenient maintenance makes it easy to check the results of equipment inspection and the amount of energy generation 24/7.

Our experienced energy professionals pursue reliable construction and stable energy generation.
Achieving a successful large-scale PV system relies on the constructor’s liquidity and reliability. LG CNS has a market-proven performance in a wide range of financing projects and faithfully carries out its responsibility to provide customers with stable energy generation.

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domestic and overseas
energy construction worth

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The world's No. 1
floatovoltaic system

Core Competency
  • Domestic and overseas energy constructions worth 200MW
  • Licensed constructor in professional design, industrial environment equipment, electric construction
  • The global leader in the floatovoltaics, constructing the world's largest floatovoltaic system
Service Offerings
  • Legal services
    Licensing and consulting services for electric enterprise, development, environment impact, needed for power generation system

  • Financial services
    Profitability analysis based on expected energy price and subsidy policies and financing assistance if necessary

  • Technical services
    Technical review and safety throughout system design, construction and operations using know-hows and expertise, providing long term efficiency of a PV system
Service Offerings
Tojo Solar power plant (33MWp) in Hiroshima
Solar power plant (21.3MWp) in Bulgaria
1.Tojo Solar power plant (33MWp) in Hiroshima 2.Solar power plant (21.3MWp) in Bulgaria
Bike lane solar power plant for Korea Western Power
Floatovoltaic system (6MWp) in Sangju, Korea
3.Bike lane solar power plant for Korea Western Power 4.Floatovoltaic system (6MWp) in Sangju, Korea