Microgrid Control System

An Integrated control solution for operational efficiency of Microgrid and ESS (Energy Storage System)

Creating sustainable cost reduction using accurate prediction is vital in operating Microgrid.
LG CNS MCS has exceptional prediction technology (weather, demand/power generation forecast) accumulated from our extensive experiences in the energy sector and a wide range of optimized algorithms. Our multi-purpose EMS suitable for various operational environments and potential events can help you realize an operational efficiency.

The MCS is run on the SGP (Smart Green Platform) capable of a large-scale data processing with high availability.
The Microgrid collects and controls a variety of device information in real time. The MCS makes use of the market-proven SGP and is capable of a large-scale data processing with high availability which are the essential features of a microgrid software.

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The No. 1

IPC-based, real-time power control
and FR/RI algorithm in Korea

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More than 300,000 devices

are processed by web-based,
high performance architecture

Core Competency
  • Accurate prediction of power generation using weather forecast and various optimized operations technologies
  • Web-based, high performance architecture that processes more than 300,000 devices
  • Korea’s first IPC-based, real-time power control and FR/RI algorithm
Service Offerings
Microgrid EMS

Application layer that predicts power generation and operational efficiency
Microgrid SCADA

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for smart energy
ESS Controller

Real-time controller for rapid application of ESS. (including HW and control algorithm)
Service Offerings
  • ESS under way for Dongbok, Bukchon Wind Power Complex (18MWh) and Gasiri Wind Power Complex (9MWh) in Jeju Island
    The largest (27㎿h) ‘ESS linked with wind power generation’ in Jeju
    Dongbok, Bukchon Wind Power Complex

  • Solar Power Plant in Taean
    ESS-based energy storage and response to peak energy demand for 24 hours with the power generation capacity of 13.77MW
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