LG CNS IoT Platform

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Based on OneM2M, LG CNS' IoT platform collects and transmits a large amount of remote sensing data depending on various IoT environments.

To connect things and people, an IoT platform needs to comply with domestic and international standards.
A platform needs to comply with/include the global IoT standards to connect various things conveniently and allow people communicate with things freely. It also needs to allow a third party to participate in the communication and provide compatibility with other platforms. To this end, LG CNS provides an integrated IoT platform certified by the global standard oneM2M.

LG CNS provides the optimal IoT platform based on its rich expertise in domain.
The company has secured a platform that reliably transmits various types of remote sensing information collected from sensors and devices. Its solutions can flexibly accommodate the needs of various industrial and service sectors and can be applied to a legacy system and a newly established IoT system according to the needs of customers.

LG CNS provides reliable protection for data against security threats.
In order to protect numerous data, connected to IoT devices, from the threats such as hacking, reproduction and counterfeiting, LGCNS provides integrated security services across all aspects of your device, network and service.

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Acquired the first TTA certification in the SI industry.

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IoT and industry standard protocols that we support

Core Competency
  • Secured a platform to support various industry protocols and IoT standard/non-standard devices.
  • Provides IoT device security functions for device registration, mutual authentication, key management, etc.
  • Provides robots and platforms based on customer's businesses.
  • Designs, develops, manufactures and manages hardware and embedded software focusing on quality.
  • INFioT Developer’s Portal
    The portal website provides developers experiences regarding IoT technology through IoT Platform INFiot, and also gives an opportunity to test the compatibility for device and sensor manufacturers.

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  • INFioT

  • INFioT

  • Structure

  • INFioT Structure

  • Key Features

  • INFioT Structure

  • Key Values

  • INFioT Structure
  • LG U+ oneM2M Platform Implementation/Management

  • LG U+ Kids Watch Junibertalkie Launched
    World's 1st oneM2M based service, Kids' Watch Launched

  • Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) IoT service
    Beacon based customer service, 3D navigation, digital signage

  • 1st in SI industry to get oneM2M Platform Standard certified by TTA(IoT Standard Certification Agency)

  • Building Integrated Monitoring IoT Service

  • IoT Service for Large Vessels owned by public universities including Korean Marine and Ocean Univesitiy
The oneM2M platform certification from TTA