Business Commerce

Data based-IT platform providing services for all the processes of marketing, sales, and services of a company

This platform expands the customer base through digital sales channels and provides integrated services from marketing to purchase.

This Business commerce platform provides analysis service.
It collects and analyzes LG CNS data, external data, customer data and voice / image / video data, providing analysis results of each industry and performance indexes for the business.

The Business commerce platform provides digital marketing service.
It provides omni-channel marketing including data-based performance marketing, mobile marketing, influencer marketing, etc.

The Business commerce platform provides digital sales & services.
It provides new sales channels such as #order, Talk ordering, etc. and various digital businesses including prescription and payment in medical institutions and services in private educational institutions.

Core Competency
  • Technology-based solution development competency including the simple payment solution with Korea's best security, Korea's first chatbot-based solution, Korea's best big data analysis solution, etc.
  • Capability to conduct electronic financial business based on LG CNS's own IDC infrastructure that has expandability, safety, and security
  • Cooperative business competency including cooperation with KakaoTalk, which is the Korea's largest platform, such as simple payment, messaging, Talk ordering, etc.
  • References for the Business commerce platform area.
Service Offerings
  • Pay and PG service
  • Smart messaging services such as Kakao Notification Talk, MPost, etc.
  • Interactive commerce such as #order and Talk ordering
  • Digital marketing service
  • Big data analysis service such as social media analysis, etc.
  • Commerce platform and its own commerce service
Service Offerings