Cloud Computing

LG CNS provides cloud consulting, SI, and other services for corporate customers' business systems including DB, R&D, ERP, B2C, and VDI.

LG CNS provides efficient and stable cloud services to corporate customers.
The company proposes optimal methods for converting to cloud system that satisfies customers' needs, and provides services for migration to global major cloud services, including LG CNS cloud, and their operation.

Also, the company provides the best cloud environment equipped with cost effectiveness, speed, and stability through Smart Cloud Block.
You can get the most out of the cloud service only when flexible hardware, open cloud platform, open source software, professional management services and operating solutions are harmonized. Based on Smart Cloud Block, LG CNS provides the optimal services such as cloud conversion consultation, migration, implementation, service, and overall lifecycle management.
To achieve successful cloud conversion, professional knowledge on cloud computing and customers' industry as well as the understanding of legacy system are essential. LG CNS, as one of the best SI companies in Korea, provides the optimal cloud service based on the understanding of customers' industry and system that has accumulated for a long period of time.

LG CNS has accomplished great feats in various industrial / business sectors.
LG CNS established private cloud equipped with U2L (Unix to Linux) and OSS (Open Source Software) for private and public sectors of various areas such as logistics, service, manufacture, R&D, etc., contributing to its business success through the enhancement of infrastructure performance and operation effectiveness. As for SaaS (Software as a Service), LC CNS has entered into partnership with Ceart, a public software store, expanding its market by providing more than 35 services.
As for VDI, LG CNS provides integrated services to the affiliates of LG group and the largest implementation / operation services in Korea to the financial institutions, such as banks, securities firms, and insurers, and public institutions.

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30,000 units, 30PB

The number of servers and infrastructure supplying cloud services

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Reduction of total cost of ownership after converting to the cloud service based on
LG CNS Smart Cloud Block

Core Competency
  • Cloud conversion consulting and architecture design based on cloud conversion methodology
  • Open source and cloud migration expertise accumulated for years through the understanding of customers' IT systems
  • Systematic operation by utilizing professional cloud personnel from different fields as well as integrated operation and management solution.
  • The world best data center with environmentally friendly design that maximizes power efficiency and safety from earthquake and flood.
Service Offerings
  • Private cloud implementation
  • Hosted private cloud service
  • Public cloud service
  • HEC(Hana Enterprise Cloud)
  • Specialized cloud services such as R&D cloud
  • VDI implementation and services
  • MASHUP+ (SaaS Marketplace)
Cloud Computing Solution Service Offerings
Business Achievements
  • Public
    Cloud Implementation and Service : Korea Employment Information Service, National Computing and Information Agency, SR (Suseo Rail)
    VDI Implementation : Korean Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of National Defense, Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, Multifunctional Administrative City Construction Agency, KRX

  • Manufacture / Construction
    Cloud Implementation and Service : LG Electronics, LG Innotek, LG Hausys, LG Household and Health Care, LG Life Sciences, Ericsson-LG, LS Group
    VDI Service : LG Display, LG Chem

  • Logistics / Service
    Cloud Service :, Kantukan, Woowa Brothers, Memebox, GS Shop, GS Retail, Ourhome, Pantos Logistics, Serveone
    VDI Implementation : NS Mall, GS Shop, GS Retail

  • Finance
    VDI Implementation : Hana Bank, KB Kookmin Card, Wooricard, Mirae Asset Securities, Mirae Asset Daewoo

  • Communications / Others
    VDI Service : LG U+, LG Co. Ltd., LG Economic Research Institute

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