Block Chain

LG CNS Block Chain Platform


“Monachain” of LG CNS is the enterprise blockchain platform for all industries including but not limited to finance, public sector, communication and manufacturing.

Digital Authentication
As a key feature of Monachain, digital authentication is the fundamental technology to apply blockchain to all industrial areas.
Our digital authentication technology enables you to conveniently perform personal authentication, remittance and payment from your mobile devices by using your personal information such as personal identification number (PIN) or fingerprint.

Digital Community Currency
The user of Monachain can create a digital wallet on their device based on digital authentication information and issue a digital gift certificate.
For example, using this digital currency, a local government can issue its Youth Allowance and Home Care Allowance so that the beneficiaries can use the money in the local stores, which will contribute to the vitalization of the local economy.

Supply Chain Management
This system enables you to share with each stakeholder various information transparently and quickly, which can include transaction information from production to delivery of products.
Therefore, it can reduce the production time, maintain proper inventory level, minimize transportation errors, and reduce costs.

Various types of services that customers want are implemented and provided through Monachain, a blockchain platform of LG CNS.

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Monachain issued the blockchain electronic securities for unlisted companies for the first time in Korea.

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Monachain is a multi-digital currency platform capable of issuing currencies for different communities from a single platform.

Core Competency
  • Monachain focuses on transactions
    - Monachain has been proven effective in "Agent", a global fund transfer project, involving 20 domestic and overseas banks.
    - Monachain has been successfully tested by the financial network of the Bank of Korea for remittance capability.

  • Monachain has been proven to be globally qualified.
    - LG CNS is the only domestic SI company that partnered with "R3", the world's largest specialized financial blockchain consortium.
    - LG CNS participates in the "Hyperledger", a global blockchain development project.

  • Monachain is provided by our technological and business professionals
    - The Monachain team is armed with blockchain specialists reporting directly to CTO.
    - The Monachain team consists of experts from various business fields such as finance, public sector, logistics, energy, etc.
Designated as the blockchain service provider for the KOMSCO.
- Monachain leads the blockchain ecosystem with its provider LG CNS being the first Korean company to establish the blockchain platform for the public sector.

** API (Application Programming Interface): A program that enables various participating agencies to utilize various services (local currency and mobile authentication) provided by the blockchain platform.
* SDK (Software Development Kit): A set of tools that allow various participants to develop new services from a blockchain platform.