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We present differentiated "answers" across all value-chain areas by using our cloud-based platform that integrates the development environments for a series of artificial intelligence and big data services, which range from collection of structured and unstructured data to advanced analysis and visualization.

Numerous solutions for AI and big data analysis services
LG CNS possesses numerous analysis solutions including manufacturing quality analysis, image recognition based vision test, real-time consumer marketing service, social data analysis based R&D technology sensing, VOC analysis and quality enhancement, financial transaction FDS, and information security monitoring.

The biggest domestic reference in big data area
LG CNS has the largest reference in the big data field in Korea. As the No. 1 provider of big data based on various project experiences, we can provide optimal solutions according to the characteristics of customers' business and IT environment.

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The biggest domestic reference
in big data area

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200 people

The number of DW/BI and big data experts as
Korea's largest specialized big data organization

Core Competency
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Service Offerings

LG CNS provides five AI and big data services covering the whole value chains. The high quality of our services stems from our experience, which has the largest B2B cases in Korea, and open innovation in alliance with global advanced companies and startups.

Service Offerings
Key Solutions
  • SBP
    A big data platform based on Hadoop optimized for domestic enterprises, supporting pre-analysis phases from big data collection to storage and processing.
    SBP is a distributed architecture-based multi-purpose expandable platform that provides real-time, batch, interactive analytics, and streaming services. The platform offers competitive prices compared to competitors’ by actively accepting rapidly developing open source technologies and implementing businesses and providing maintenance convenience based on GUI-driven interface. It provides the data collector and EWS (Enterprise Workflow & Scheduler) to secure high productivity and quality so that corporate customers can put their focus on the development of business logic even without experience in big data development.

  • SRA
    It's a big data analysis solution based on "R", an open source analysis tool
  • Service Offerings
  • Electronics/Manufacturing
    (LG Electronics, LG Chem, LG Display)
    - Smart device log analysis platform
    - Structure and performance improvements of consolidated financial statement
    - Advanced system for quality improvement of process/facility
    - Long-term storage system for quality audit
    - Collection and analysis platform for unstructured image data

  • Finance/Public Institutions
    (KB Card, KB Insurance, Hyundai Card, Korea Land and Housing Corporation, Gyeonggi-do)
    - Integrated monitoring system for security log management
    - Advancement of big data-based recommendation systems
    - Real-time marketing platform based on digital services
    - Public data integration and analysis platform
    - Advanced risk management by linking internal and external data

  • Communications/Services
    (LG U+, Lotte Home Shopping, Kakao, Coupang)
    - Establishment of systems for infrastructure fault pre-detection and analysis
    - Improvement of architectures of real-time broadcasting services
    - Personalized recommendation service for digital contents
    - Early detection system of abnormal transactions of branches
    - Development and analysis platform for new services