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A finance solution leading the innovation of financial business

Finance IT is a critical necessity to respond to changes of the financial environment.
The fourth industrial revolution marked by ‘intellectualization’, ‘disruptive innovation’ and ‘digital’ is disrupting almost every industry in every country. And the financial industry is not immune to this. The ‘ Digital Transformation’ has now become a matter of survival to those in the financial sector and their survival is determined by IT technology.

LG CNS offers an advanced finance solution to support your business innovation.
LG CNS offers the best finance solution for all-round response to changes across financial sectors including banking, insurance, card/capital and securities. Taking full advantage of our best practices and advanced deployment methodologies, we are seeking to help our customers minimize costs and discover new business opportunities. Our technology is leading the digital transformation to bring a disruptive innovation to the financial industry.

LG CNS’s finance solution has been praised as the best reference in the industry.
A rich variety of financial companies from home and abroad have adopted our finance solutions to innovate their financial systems. From banking, insurance to card/capital and securities, our solutions are at the heart of our customers' business innovation and efficiency. Going beyond Korea, we are expanding our presence in overseas markets such as Japan and Indonesia.

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No. 1

The No. 1 next-generation system builder
for domestic finance companies

Core Competency
  • More than 20 years of experiences in building and operating large-scale IT systems for financial companies
  • MDD (Model-Driven Development), an innovative paradigm for developing computer systems beyond next generation
  • A leader in the digital transformation of the internet-based banking services
Service Offerings
Building and operating finance IT systems
The next generation/digital systems and operating experiences, know-hows and solutions
Service Offerings
  • Built the next-generation systems for the following clients : Jeon Buk Bank, Kwangju Bank, Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Card, Hyundai Card, JB Woori Capital, PCA Life Insurance, Woori Investment & Securities (current NH Investment & Securities), etc.

  • Ongoing projects : Kakao-Bank Web-based Bank, Kyobo Life Next Generation System, MetLife Digital Transformation Project, NH Bank’s Account System Separation, etc.