Finance Automation System & Service

Transforming the Paradigm for Customer Contact Point with Financial Automation

Financial Automation Should Achieve Both Business Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
Sophistication of financial automation at the branch network level has a great impact on the growth and development of financial institutions. Financial institutions need to process transactions flawlessly and deliver safer and more convenient services to customers while reducing staff workload.

LG CNS Delivers Financial Automation that Serves Both Financial Institutions and Customers
LG CNS offers a financial automation system optimized for financial institutions’ branch network. In addition to basic financial automation devices such as ATMs and CDs, we also provide hardware and solutions carefully designed to improve business efficiency and customer convenience throughout the branch space. In particular, LG CNS facilitates the provision of advanced financial services with its own internally developed ATMs and solutions and provides maintenance services for the devices from a network of spanning approximately 30 locations.

LG CNS Provides Stable Financial Automation Service to Major Financial Institutions at Home and Abroad
LG CNS’ Financial Automation Solution is widely adopted in major Korean commercial banks (NH Bank, KB Kookmin Bank, Woori Bank, Shinhan Bank, and the Industrial Bank of Korea) as well as major non-bank financial institutions (KFCC, Hyundai Securities, and Shinhan Card). Additionally, we have supplied over 20,000 cash dispensing modules to more than 20 countries worldwide and exported cash recycling ATMs to China with over 3,000 units currently in operation.
Finance Automation System & Service
Service Offering
In addition to supplying ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) and CDs (Cash Dispenser), offers advanced ATM management solutions to facilitate effective financial services.
Banking Terminal
Supplies banking terminals (terminal PC for tellers, passbook printer, card printer, and PIN pad) and channel integration solutions to support business efficiency.
Branch Automation
Provides smart systems for teller business process automation (i.e. cash recycling ATMs for tellers) to support fast and accurate cash processing and real-time cash management.
Maintenance Service
Provides differentiated maintenance service by forecasting failures and making preemptive responses, helping customers reduce maintenance costs and improve operational times.
Next Generation AT M (ezAT M 1500)
A couple of generations ahead of existing ATM models, LG CNS’ innovative ezATM 1500 accepts and dispenses both cash and checks with a single slot. The machine is also designed to provide full frontal access to wheelchair users the first of its kind to do so.
Smart Branch
Strengthens staff-customer interactions by implementing smart systems at the teller counter, the bank branch network’s most important customer contact point.