Smart Factory

Plant Optimization for Increased Manufacturing Competitiveness

Manufacturing Competitiveness Starts from Plant Optimization
The common goal of all manufacturers is to maximize the productivity of their plants. In order to achieve cost reduction and quality improvement, which compute into production competitiveness, a vast majority of businesses put great efforts into optimizing their production processes and innovating plant operations. LG CNS’ Smart Factory was developed to provide profound support to such optimization and innovation efforts.

Creating “Intelligent Manufacturing Plant” with “Smart Factory” Solutions
LG CNS aims at a “Smart Factory” solution, one which naturally achieves the optimal state by seamlessly integrating human factors, systems, and facilities, and facilitating evolution and development towards improvement. Factoring in customers’ site conditions and industry features, LG CNS delivers a total solution for plant optimization, including production line optimization, integrated control of disparate types of equipment, intelligent equipment supply, and integration of production and equipment solutions.

Vast Reserve of Successful Business Cases at Home and Abroad
LG CNS’ Smart Factory helps customers build plants with world-class manufacturing competitiveness. We are currently providing Smart Factory solutions to global corporations such as LG Electronics, LG Display, Doosan Infracore, and GE Healthcare.
Smart Factory
Service Offering
Consulting Service
We provide the consulting services required to build an optimal plant from the early stage of planning, such as layout optimization, process improvement, plant automation, facilities standardization, energy saving, and IT consulting.
Software Solution
Based on our integrated smart factory platform BizActor, LG CNS offers solutions for plant operation management, energy management, and equipment control, allowing users to perform relevant tasks with a simple click.
Combining with software solutions, LG CNS transforms manufacturing facilities (logistics, inspection, production, and utility) into intelligent facilities with optimal efficiency.
Loader Production/Supply, GE Healthcare DXD Plant (U.S.)
Supplied loaders and implemented the Equipment Control System (ECS) and the Computer Integrated Management System (CIM) at GE Healthcare’ DXD Plant. Shared operational know-how on automated plant and established a standard of plant operation.
MES/ALC System, Hyundai Mobis Alabama Plant (U.S.)
Implemented ezMES at the chassis and cockpit module lines of Hyundai Mobis’ Alabama Plant and helped the company improve production quality. Also designed and implemented the systems to provide top-of-the-line uninterrupted service to maximize system usability.
MES System for Doosan Infracore Plants (China and Korea)
Implemented ezMES at Doosan Infracore’s G2 Plant (Korea) and DICC Plant (China), improving productivity and production quality through real-time performance management, product defect management, and equipment failure analysis.