Smart Media

Leading the Media Environment through Smart Set-Top Box and Smart Platform

Emergence of Smart Technology Driving Changes in the Broadcasting and Media Environment
The emergence of smart technology is causing tectonic changes in how content is delivered in the broadcasting and media industry. Following the introduction of smart TV services, cable TV and IPTV service providers, which offer a greater range of content to compete with network broadcasters, are now under pressure to meet the increasing needs of users with more features and stronger content offerings.

LG CNS Commercialized the World’s First Smart Set-top Box
LG CNS succeeded in commercializing the world’s first smart set-top box for paid TV services. With the smart set-top box, which is expected to revolutionize device functions and media content delivery system, broadcasters are now able to support OTT (Over The Top), self-streaming, and web browsing in addition to VOD service on Eco System, a set-top box-based open platform.

LG CNS Pioneers New Territories for Media Service
LG CNS is contributing to the quality of broadcasters’ media content delivery and additional services by supplying its own internally developed smart set-top boxes to broadcasting companies, including C&M, CMB, Gangwon Broadcasting Network (GBN), and Keumkang Cable Networks (KCN). In addition, we developed a global platform for the LG Smart TV and are providing the best quality video service across the world. LG CNS is also working on expanding its smart platform offerings to include HTML 5 as well as Android.
Smart Media
Service Offering
Cable/Satellite/IPTV Provider
In addition to broadcasting service, our solution also supports diverse additional services based on an open platform, thus eliminating the confinements of middleware.
Mobile Service Carrier
Expands services limited to mobile platforms to TV.
Content Provider
Creates a system that allows content providers to directly service content to consumers at low costs without going through paid TV service providers.
Service Provider
Offers optimal solutions to help service providers expand their service offerings, such as introduction of additional services by hotels and hospitals and delivery of services to members’ residence via open platform by home network providers.
World’s First Android-based Set-top Box
LG CNS commercialized the world’s first Android-based smart set-top box for paid TV service, which supports application development without separate middleware. In addition to existing digital broadcasting functions such as broadcast channels and VOD service, now service providers can offer diverse TV apps and internet-based services to their subscribers.
End-to-end Solution
Utilizing the experience and know-how in platform development we have acquired through the implementation of full digital broadcasting at C&M, KDMC, LG U+, SBS, and KBS, we provide a complete set of solutions for production, management and distribution of digital broadcasting content and media devices.