We help you to elevate your company's competitiveness through integration and standardization of your entire logistics processes by providing consulting services on storage, transportation, and unloading of logistics goods together with logistics system building services.
In particular with many years of consultation and establishment experience of logistics systems for 3rd party logistics (3PL) companies together with our competency in applying the newest technology including RFID to logistics, we can provide the solution that is most optimized to your business.
Service Offering
Comprehensive Logistics System
We can help you to lead the total logistics not only domestically but also in international logistics market through IT. We provide all types of logistics system regarding the management of parcel, transportation, storage, and harbor unloading, among others and also the total IT services where mobile, XML/EDI, and other components are integrated with the systems.
International Logistics System
For your international logistics system, we provide total IT service on all logistics flows generated between countries through shipping, air, unloading, customs clearance, warehousing, transportation, etc.
Through standardizing and defining the international logistics process, LG CNS provides the logistics system that is standardized and most efficient for its clients. We have the experience of establishing the largest domestic forwarding system by securing experienced global experts in logistics and IT thus increasing the company's IT competence.
Dongbu Express Total Logistics System
Dongbu Express has established a total logistics system by advanced and standardized business processes to become a total logistics firm leading the world logistics, via enhanced logistics service, effective management and cost reduction. 1
Hansol CSN established new logistics system
As 3PL business is growing, Hansol established an integrated system in the enterprise level to enhance IT capacity, to establish standard process and to respond to global operation for improvement of internal capacity and service. 1