We establish an IT system for all types of the distribution business including department stores, discount shops, chain stores, online shopping malls, restaurant franchises, etc. The LG CNS experts on distribution business, industry, and IT will provide a professional, distinguished IT service to you so you can respond much better to the ever-changing environment of the distribution industry.
Service Offering
Distribution CRM Service
An optimized customer relations management (CRM) service where customer demands and business environments are accurately analyzed and each work process is well considered can ultimately maximize the financial value of a business with a growing number of customers.
Through the CRM service designed for the distribution industry, various effects such as maximized profit and increased customer satisfaction can be resulted by preventing customer churning while maintaining proper customer relations. Based on its experience of establishing various CRM services throughout the industries, LG CNS provides the CRM services that are optimized for clients of the distribution industry.
Distribution SCM Service
It is a common strategy for businesses where the information between the entire processes of a supply chain from a product supplier, distribution center, store, to consumer is harmoniously shared. In SCM, each business defines the work handling procedures that are related to other related companies' roles in cooperation with them, and then enter into an agreement with the companies by simplifying the procedures.
Distribution ERP Service
It is the service that maximizes productivity by re-constructing various management resources from the entire business activities in human resources, accounting, sales, logistics, etc. into one unified structure. With the know-how which has been accumulated for several years by providing IT services for the distribution industry, the company provides the ERP service that is ideal for the industry while supporting its clients to promptly adopt to the fast-changing market environments and new changes within the clients' businesses.
Online Shopping Mall Establishment Service
Based on our experience of establishing/operating the GS eShop, a large-scale domestic online shopping mall, we provide the establishment service for an online shopping mall such as LOTTE.com premium niche market system (open market) among others. Also we provide effective IT infrastructure and system establishment services so you can lead the domestic non-store distribution market.
Lotte Home shopping A-1 Project
By supporting innovative process in matured market, enhancing analysis/planning capacity, and providing multi-channel support, we achieved superiority in customer business competition. 1
Our Home Purchase/Logistic Integrated System Installation
We were able to boost inventory management efficiency with reduced delivery period via integrated information management in the SCM, purchase/logistic sections including food and supplies procurement/contract, partner company evaluation, warehouse management and delivery management in food/catering industry. 1