Our manufacturing industry experts will assist your company to grow continuously and keep the competitive edge by providing the best IT solution optimized for the business environment you are facing today. With the business know-how and experiences accumulated in various areas of the manufacturing industry with our latest technology, we will provide the real value to our clients.
Service Offering
Manufacturing Facility Engineering Consulting
By utilizing the rich experience and competency of LG CNS, we provide the best consulting services on feasibility review of expanding a new factory or improving an existing one and on designing factory layout, large/small logistics flow, work process, utility/environments, etc.
Manufacturing Facility Engineering System
We provide the manufacturing-related system building service for you to achieve the highest level of quality in an optimized environment. Our service is in areas including the Decision domain for responding to manufacturing environments, Processing domain for manufacturing execution/logistics and facility management, and Control domain for controlling each piece of equipment.
Manufacturing Facility Engineering Equipment
We manufacture the equipment for the automation and optimization of factory/facility logistics and for storage logistics automation, and also provide the services of testing and installation of the equipment along with the integration service of the manufacturing equipment.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System
The product lifecycle management (PLM) system that supports the research and development of a manufacturing company maximizes the return on investment of the R&D, and it is also the system that enables and manages the introduction of the customer-centered products.
Manufacturing CRM Service
An optimized customer relations management (CRM) service where customer needs and business environments are analyzed and considerations are given to the company's work process can ultimately raise the company's value. Through the CRM service for the manufacturing companies, beneficial effects of increased sales and improved customer satisfaction can be realized by preventing customer churning while maintaining proper customer relations.
Manufacturing SCM Service
The supply chain management of LG CNS for manufacturing companies unifies and manages the flows of product, information, fund, and service in the entire areas of the supply chain including product manufacturing, material procurement and delivery, receiving customer order, sending/receiving logistics, etc. Through the SCM, expenses can be reduced while elevating customer satisfaction level because productivity improvement, inventory decrease, higher level of accuracy of demand prediction, easier on-time delivery are now possible.

Through the strategic cooperation with leading SCM solution providers including i2, EXE, emFrontier, OAT, among others, LG CNS will provide the IT system that is optimized to your business characteristics.
Manufacturing ERP Service
The enterprise resource planning (ERP) of LG CNS is the service that maximizes productivity by re-constructing various management resources from the entire business activities such as human resources, finance, etc. into one unified structure. With the ERP service for the manufacturing companies, you can increase the productivity through faster decision-making and more effective company management. By using the service, your company can become a manufacturing industry leader by maximizing the effectiveness of the resource use and operation.
Loader Making/Delivery for DXD Factory of GE Healthcare
In the GE Healthcare DXD factory, automatic operation Know-how and standard are demonstrated by establishing Loader H/W, Loader system (ECS), and equipment operation system (CIM). 1
Automatic Warehouse of Handok Pharmaceuticals
The quantity process capacity has been increased via improvement of warehouse layout and intelligent operation system is provided by unifying individual systems to central system, while automatic warehouse which can respond to GMP regulation is constructed. 1