By providing more convenient public services through the IT technology in all areas of administrative, legislative, and judicial areas, LG CNS is contributing to the improvement of the quality of life. Also by expanding the electronic conversion of all administrative work and increasing the level of information sharing while enabling the government's real time handling of public affairs through the unified management of information resources, the company is also contributing to the elevation of the nation's competitiveness.
Service Offering
Judiciary/Registry Service
Regarding the informatization of the nation's judiciary branch, LG CNS has many accounts of success during the last 20 years. The company has developed the IT systems that elevated the level of informatization of the internal work handling process and promptly provided the accumulated information to the petitioner. For the informatization of the judicial area, the company has been striving to realize the judicial IT network for courts' processing of various lawsuits and the registry IT network for the registry computerization under the goals of 'systematization of judiciary work', 'informatization of all public workers', and 'servicization of the judicial information for citizens
Patent Administration Service
LG CNS has been providing specialized services of developing and operating the Internet-based electronic patent application system so anybody can conveniently use it anytime, anywhere and also the intranet-based patent administrative work handling system that processes the entire steps of the patent administration in real time.
Financial Service
By supporting the entire financial work processes from budget planning, execution, performance management, to settlement with a unified system, the service manages the information promptly and accurately. Based on the company's business conducting experience in financial areas for several years and the specialized competency it developed, LG CNS is trying to raise the level of transparency and reliability of the financial information for information users and provide more convenience and timeliness to the work handling staff and decision makers.
National Tax Service
LG CNS's integrated national tax system provides unified tax management services including tax reporting, collected information management, survey, collection, taxpayer management, etc. These services reduce the time for both the national tax service and taxpayers while enabling more effective work handling.
Postal Logistics Service
From receiving of mails to the delivery, LG CNS has established a web-based postal logistics system that enables the informatization of the entire mail handling work processes while supporting the smooth linking between internal/external systems.
Electronic Passport Service
LG CNS possesses the one stop, e-Passport total solution from e-Cover (chip, COS, inlay, and cover) supply which is the core technology of the e-Passport, booklet supply, and integrated biometrics solutions for fingerprint/facial/iris recognition to the systems for reception/Inspection/issuance/delivery of the e-Passport.
Civil Petition Service
The need for visiting several government offices and submitting the same document several times only to handle one petition is now thing of the past. Through the Internet portal 'Minwon 24' built by LG CNS, a citizen can view or be issued more than 500 types of petition documents and also submit several petitions to several government offices at once.
Police Informatization Service
In order for the national police to attain the goal of "elevation of public satisfaction through expansion of public safety", LG CNS has been providing various services based on its smart technology from establishment of the emergency information network for prompt response to crimes and accidents to building systems for more effective criminal investigation.
Online Lottery Ticket Service
By purchasing the online lottery tickets, we can practice social contribution and share hope to the needy members of our society. Based on its solution building competence and several years of system operation experience, LG CNS provides transparency and reliability to the online lottery ticket service thus taking its role of fulfilling public interest.
Weather Information Service
The service processes the weather observation data collected from national observatories and global GTS network into statistic data and distributes to the super computer at Korea Meteorological Administration and related departments. Then through the weather information display system, the data is delivered to the weather forecaster. Also the information such as weather prediction/emergency broadcasting/weather related information made by the forecaster is provided to the public and related governmental bodies. Through several years of informatization experience of weather information, LG CNS has secured specialized competence in weather information services.
Maritime Safety Service
The service provides the national comprehensive information on maritime safety to strengthen the ocean safety, environmental protection, and security by using the latest IT technology for vessel location tracking service, vessel information management service, navigation safety information service, maritime disaster information service, etc.
Disaster Management Service
LG CNS provides a well-structured consultation on overall national disaster management structure in all areas including a system, organization, law, etc.
Establishing an optimized system separately per infrastructure is possible. And the company's emergency rescue system which is a major system can support the structure of advanced emergency rescue response system by receiving a report of a disaster situation when it occurs, responding to the disaster, follow up, and cooperation with related organizations.
Command and Control Service
By adopting and establishing the command and control system of LG CNS that is closely linked to other monitoring/surveillance and strike weapon systems under the notion of network centric warfare (NCW), each unit commander and staff can promptly and accurately perceive the conflict situation during an actual warfare or practice. Also by using the system, the commander can establish the best possible response plan that can guarantee the most effective operation of the combat force.
Real Property Registration System
Through successful computerization of registered real property, we provided convenient registration service on the Internet, configuration of effective integrated registration business system, close connection with relevant institutions and support for effective policy making decision. 1
Korean Intellectual Property Office Network(KIPOnet) System
Through electronic submission service and e-service of patent administrative business which do not have time or place limits, we achieved maximized efficiency of patent process and reduction of administration cost with no need for paper. 1
Administration and Finance Integration in regional education (edufine)
Establishing an integrated system of administration and finance for regional education unified administrative and financial businesses, while by conducting performance-based budgeting by project, one-stop accounting and high-quality financial analysis, transparency, efficiency and soundness of finance are obtained and performance-based advanced finance management system is achieved. 1
Tax Integrated System (TIS)
By integrating major services of National Tax Office such as report, data, investigation, collection and record, we achieved reduction of tax cooperation costs and transparency of tax service. 1
Korea Post Postal Logistics System (POSTNET)
By integrated management over entire post business process from mail reception to delivery, we achieved real-time visibility of post logistics flow and established a system for prompt and accurate postal operation. 1
Establishment of e-Passport Management System
By establishing electronic passport operation system in compliance with fundamental international standards requested by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Standardization Organization (ISO), we achieved stable and effective passport administration system. 1
Online Civil Petition Portal
Korea Electronic Government Establishment Project 1
Mongolia Emergency Information Network (EIN)
By establishing an emergency information network for effective receipt, control and management of various emergency situations of police, fire station and rescue, we enhanced the response capacity to emergency. 1
Korea Phase 2 Online Lottery System (Lotto 6/45)
By a stable and open establishing lottery system in consideration of user convenience, we will provide value for all citizens and support to complete the goal of lottery project, sustainable growth. 1
Comprehensive Meteorological Information Service of Korea Meteorological Administration (COMIS-3)
By establishing an integrated meteorological IT system for effective support of frustrating meteorological business environment, a foundation of advanced meteorological country is prepared. 1
Comprehensive Information System for Maritime Safety
Nation-wide management system of maritime crisis which ensures prompt reaction at incidence of maritime accident by monitoring of shipment sailing situation using cutting edge IT technology, by comprehensive management of maritime safety/disaster with connection/integration of various maritime safety and disaster information systems and by sharing/utilizing integrated information with associated institutions and groups. 1
Emergency Rescue System
It works for systemic national disaster management business since established in the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the Korea general disaster and rescue management agency, and the fire defense headquarters in the cities and provinces. 1
Ground Tactics C4I System(ATCIS)
By establishing command and control system under the Korea corps level which performs a mission of 'preemptively see, determine and attach' with real-time synchronization of monitoring and strike systems for realizing network centered warfare (NCW) concepts, real-time battlefield visualization and operation of integrated fighting power are ensured, which creates great information superiority and fighting power synergy. 1
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