Sustainability Management

Shared Growth

LG CNS has promoted the fair and transparent trade culture based on the trust with its business partners and discovered and supported business partners that have innovative capacity to nurture competitive business partners and establish sustainable shared growth system.

Compliance with the fair trade guidelines
LG CNS complies with the Subcontract Act by introducing and operating four guidelines for fair trade and makes efforts to prevent business partners from suffering from unfair treatment while trading with them.
Four guidelines for fair trade
  • Guidelines for fair trade when entering a contract with business partners
  • Guidelines for securing fairness when selecting and managing business partners
  • Guidelines for the compliance with the Subcontract Act for subcontract transactions exceeding reference amount and the review of properness relating to the selection and management of business partners
  • Guidelines for matters related to documents that need to be created and preserved during the course of trading with business partners
Introduction of a standard subcontract
LG CNS introduces and applies the standard subcontract recommended by the Fair Trade Commission from the beginning of the enforcement. In 2012, LG CNS amended the Standard Software Subcontract by officially participating in the joint civil-government task force team under the Fair Trade Commission for improving the software business subcontract system and became one of the first companies in the industry to adopt it. LG CNS has taken the initiative to promote the fair contracting culture between large and middle or small software businesses.

Compliance with the Subcontract Act
LG CNS has conducted the training on the Subcontract Act for mutual survival and cooperation to all employees since 2010 to establish the order of fair trade with business partners and has made all efforts to create the fair trade environment and promote the shared growth culture by conducting the training on LG Shared Growth in 2014.

Pledge of Management by Principle
LG CNS signs a pledge of Management by Principle for all subcontract transactions to root out unfair trades and unfair or corrupt acts that may occur during the course of trading with business partners.