Company Overview


LG CNS has witnessed the advancement of IT since its establishment in 1987.

We will lead the IT industry into the future with customer focus, continuous investment and successful delivery records.

07Converted to and certified with ISO 9001:2015.
07Supreme Court’s Registration Information System re-certified with CMMI Level 5.
05Exported the ESS (40 MW) to the Guam government.
05Made an agreement with GS Supermarket to provide the ESL system to its approx.
            100 stores.
04Started the corporate social responsibility program "Coding Genius."
03Received an order for building a big data system from Woori Bank.
12Won the contract for Japanese Shinmine Solar Plant (55MW) Project
11Successfully opened the next generation system using MDD for Gwangju Bank
10Exported National Educational Electronic Library to Uzbek.
09Launched BNK Busan Bank 'Smart ATM'
06Received an order for the construction of a logistics system for the Mega-hub Terminal
            of CJ Korea Express Corporationpayment
05Began to build the IT system of Kakaobank, an Internet bank
04Opened UNI-PASS, the fourth generation Korean comprehensive tariff information
04Supplied an energy storage system (ESS, 1 MW) to the Holiday Inn Hotel in New Jersey,
            U.S.A. First time to export an ESS to the U.S. market
04Received an order for the construction of the Bus Information System in Penang,
03Began the operation and maintenance of the 2nd Phase Transportation Card System in
            Seoul, South Korea
02Received an order for the platform screen door project for Light Rail Transit in Lusail,
01Opened a big data sharing platform "ODPia"
12Kim Young-Sub took office as a chief executive officer
12The Incheon/Busan Data Centers acquired the Green Data Center certification
11Built a logistics center for PosLaju, the no. 1 courier company in Malaysia
11Received an order for the Bus Management System project for Pasto, Colombia
10Completed the construction of Korea's first floating photovoltaic power plant (6 MW)
            in Sangju, South Korea
09Launched a joint corporation in Uzbekistan
06Signed an MOU with Seoul and DaumKakao to develop an electronic payment
            system for local taxes
05Opened BLIS, a business licensing integration system, for Bahrain
05Implemented NAFIS, a national finance information system, for Indonesia
04Completed the Information Strategy Planning project for implementing a national
            safety communications network in Korea
03Developed an integrated home IoT solution based on a set-top box for the first
            time in Korea
03Released Smart Vison Sensor, a 3D intelligent camera, for the first time in Korea
02Opened a data center integrating the national defense information system
01Demonstrated IoT-based autonomous mobile robot at the CES held in Las Vegas,
12LG CNS Busan Global Data Center showed the highest energy efficiency in Korea
11LG CNS's MPost received the Korea Mobile App Award (2nd prize)
06Signed an MOU with the Uzbek government on establishing joint venture on
            public information
06Supplied "interactive panel" to the world's first sympathetic Pepper
05Received the Brill Awards, the first in Korea, an award with the highest authority
            in the field of data centers
05Won a Contract for the 17th Incheon Asian Games' international sports broadcast
03Won a EUR 137.9 million contract for the Athens e-Ticketing Project
02Held an opening ceremony for Incheon Free Economic Zone's U-city Control
01Won a contract for a project for improving ICT education competencies of
12Relocated LG CNS headquarters to a new office building (FKI Tower in Yeouido)
12Smart Big Data Platform received an Excellence Award at the 2013 Korea Software             Technology Awards
11Exported the in-house developed Smart Grid Solution to Kuwait
10Signed an MOU on big data business cooperation with MapR, a global Hadoop             solution company
10Released the ‘Mango Channel’, Korea’s first professional VOD service for foreign             TV dramas
09Built a next-generation system at Jeonbuk Bank
09Signed an MOU on a ‘big data/advanced analytics’ project with Oracle
            Alphacom, etc.
08The Supreme Court’s registration information system became the first in Korea to             be recertified as CMMI Level 5 in the public sector
07Subsidiary in Indonesia received the Korea Eximbank President Award
07Commenced the 2nd Transportation Card System Construction Project
05Launched the LG CNS Smart Academy, a social contribution organization that             donates talent
05Received an award in the service category of the 1st Korea Credibility Awards
05Held a signing ceremony for a service level agreement for Global Korean Network             operation
05Opened the Global Cloud Data Center in Busan
04The Public/SGT Business Division received ISO 27001 certification
04VIVAPOST, Korea’s first solution for mail logistics information management, was             exported to Malaysia
04A subsidiary, Everon, commenced electric car sharing service ‘citycar’
04Established a subsidiary in Malaysia
03Released SBP Appliance, Korea’s first hardware and software-integrated big data             analysis platform
11Became the first in the industry to release a responsive Web UI solution for             corporate use
10Released the Smart Big Data Platform, Korea’s first integrated big data solution
10Won a contract for an MRT communication system construction project in             Malaysia
09Advanced into the European photovoltaic market and launched a photovoltaic             system in Bulgaria
08Released the Smart Factory Solution, Korea’s first integrated plant construction             solution
07Launches the world’s first integrated solution, “Smart Green Platform”
07Develops and launches the beta service for Korea’s first personal Virtual Desktop
            Infrastructure (VDI) solution “CLOUDPC”
05Becomes the first Korean company to enter the Middle East e-government market             and signs an export agreement with the Bahrain Supreme Court for the corporate             registry system
01Successfully completes a next generation system for Kyobo Securities
12MPost chosen as this year’s App in the App Award Korea 2011
12Opened the patent administration system in Mongolia
10Signed a 2 million dollar contact for a Public Security Consulting Business in the             state of Jalisco, Mexico
09The postal system acquired CMMI Level 5 Certification – the first certification with             SCAMPI V1.3 in Korea
07Won contract for the transportation card system business in Bogota, Columbia
07Contribution to the construction and commercialization of the electric car             infrastructure in Seoul, won the Grand Prize from the 2011 Seoul Environmental             Award
07Completed construction of a large-scale integrated imaging system in 3 racetracks             in New York, U.S.
06Launched Korea’s first mobile integrated solution that support both MEAP and             MCAP
02Launched the Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) service and the Desktop Cloud             service
01Established SBI-LG Systems Co., Ltd., Joint Venture, with the SBI Group of Japan
12Prize from the Minister of the ministry of Public Administration and Security for             national archives and records service
10ISO14001 Certification for environmental management system
07Declared LG CNS ‘VISION 2020’
04Opened Mobile Cloud Center
02Completed the independent card integration system for Nonghyeop (NH)
02Held completion report meeting of IFRS IT system implementation for Korea             Exchange Bank
02Held opening ceremony of Integrated U-city Control Center for Eunpyeong-gu,             Seoul
12CMMI Level 3 Certification for the LG CNS Shenyang Development Center in China
12Excellent prize of information protection safety diagnosis sector from the 8th             Information Protection Award
12TMMi Level 3 Certification for S/W test area (the first in Asia)
11CMMI Level 5 Certification for the LG CNS Global Development Center in China
09CMMi level 5 Certification for LG CNS India, Business Division
09Grand prize of process innovation sector from the National Productivity Award
09National Information Common Criteria (CC) Certification for a DDoS protection             equipment,‘SafeZone XDDoS’
07Signed agreement of national finance ERP project with the Ministry of Finance,             Indonesia
03Korea patent registration and GS Certification for a solution, ‘EventPro’
01CMMI Level 4 Certification for post logistics system
01Entrue Journal of Information Technology (EJIT) registered by the National             Research Foundation of Korea (the First in the IT Service industry)
11Copper Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (e-Government Award)
10Opened the next generation integrated information system (‘Neo-KiiS’) for Korea             Export Insurance
09Grand prize of knowledge management from the 6th Forbes Management             Quality Award
07Opened the regional education, administration and finance integration system             (Edufine)
12Merged Ucess Partners as a subsidiary company
12Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (Honoree Award for S/W industry)
11Prime Minister Prize from Korea Logistics Award (Entrue Consulting Partners)
09Merged LG N-SYS Inc. as a subsidiary company
04Completed Mungyeong SP Photovoltaic Generation Station with the largest scale             in Asia
03Opened LG CNS Sangam IT Center
02ez-ERP SAP ERP Reference Qualification Certification
11CMMI Level 4 Certification for the registry business system of the Supreme Court
11Completed implementation of the next generation system for Shinhan Bank
10CMMI Level 4 Certification for the ‘PatentNet’ system of Korean Intellectual             Property Office
09Opened data center in American Corporation
08CMMI Level 3 Certification for the postal system of Korea Post
06ISO20000 Certification for LG CNS China
04Presidential prize for a corporation of excellent gender equality for employment
01CMMI Level 5 Certification for LG CNS Overseas Development Centers in China             and India
12Established a LG CNS overseas subsidiary company in Indonesia
12eSCM Level 4 Certification as an IT outsourcing company (the first in the world)
11Established a LG CNS overseas subsidiary company in Brazil
11CMMI Level 5 Certification for the LG Insurance system (the system in LG             Insurance)(the first in the financial sector)
10BS15000 Certification for the data center (the first in Korea)
09Chosen as a corporation of excellent work culture by the Ministry of Labor
08BS15000 Certification for the network service center (the first in Korea)
06Opened a global development center in LG CNS China
12Internet Registry Service Management System (ISMS) Certification for the             Supreme Court
12Prize of the Minister of Information and Communication from the Great Digital             Management Award (Entrue Consulting Partners)
11CMM Level 4 Certification for the Integrated ERP Operation Center
07Established a LG CNS overseas subsidiary company in India
03Opened Integrated Railroad Information System (IRIS)
02Established a subsidiary company specialized for automobile design, V-ENS
01eSCM Level 3 Certification for the LG CNS Information System Center
11CMM Level 4 Certification for the LG Card project (the first in the domestic             financial sector)
07Established a subsidiary company in U.S.A.
06CMM Level 5 Certification for the Supreme Court project (the first in the public             sector)
04CMM Level 3 Certification for the defense project (the first in the defense sector)
03Established a LG CNS overseas subsidiary company in the Netherlands
02Grand prize from the second Korea S/W Vendor Award
01Meritorious Award for implementation of e-Government
12CMM Level 4 Certification for the register information system of the Supreme             Court of Korea (the first in Korea)
11Started e-Government (G4C) System
01Changed legal name to ‘LG CNS’
11Prime Minister prize from Korea e-Business Award
03Established a LG CNS overseas subsidiary company in China
02Signed a comprehensive partner agreement with Siebel
12Received the register information project from Philippine
10Acquired LG Electronics Soft OBU
05Y2K Certification from Information Technology Association of America (ITAA)
03Best Taxpayer Prize from the Ministry of Finanace and Economy
10Started nationwide public service for real estate registration
12Partnered ERP with Oracle
12CMM Level 2 Certification for four business places (the first in Korea)
05Total No. 1 domestic System Integration company (evaluated by Gartner Group)
05Signed ERP cooperation agreement with SAP, Germany
12Presidential prize for meritorious service of public administration network(Tax             Integration System)
11Quality Management Prize from the 21st National Quality Management Award
04Changed the legal name to ‘LG-EDS System’
07ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and TickIT
12Permeated into the oversea market first with accept of a project from SGS,             Thailand
09Completed an Information Technology Center (ITC) first in Korea
08Acquired approval of the international Value-added network (VAN) business first             in Korea
01Operated the second integrated data processing center (Munrae-dong,             Yeongdeungpo-gu)
10Established a technology research center approved by the Ministry of Science and             Technology
01Established and registered a joint corporation, STM (System Technology             Management)